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QuickBooks Online New Features and Improvements – July 2017

Believe it or not, we’re already halfway through summer, with another star-spangled Independence Day in the books. Pull up a (picnic) chair and check out this short and sweet recap of July’s enhancements and updates in QuickBooks® Online.
Manage projects directly within QuickBooks Online
Break out the fireworks: Projects, the newest addition to QuickBooks Online Labs, is now available to QuickBooks Online Plus users in the U.S. With Projects, your clients can organize all pieces of a project in one location, including associated transactions [Read More…]

QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Users

Keyboard shortcuts save time – tons of it. Every time you reach for your mouse, you lose efficiency; just try taking your mouse away for just 5 minutes and you’ll know what your “mouse dependency factor” really is!
If you can keep your fingers on the keyboard, you will get more done in less time. At its core, QuickBooks® for Mac works essentially the same as QuickBooks Desktop, so there is no reason you can’t use the keyboard shortcuts you learned for Windows on your client’s [Read More…]

QuickBooks Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Use keyboard shortcuts for Quickbooks Windows users
Just as in other Windows-based applications, there are numerous keyboard shortcuts you can use in QuickBooks. Here are a few:
Ctrl+I     Create invoice
Ctrl+E     Edit transaction selected in register
Ctrl+F     Find transaction
Ctrl+J     Open Customer Center
Ctrl+M     Memorize transaction or report
Ctrl+N     New invoice, bill, check, or list item in context
Ctrl+Q     QuickReport on transaction or list item
Ctrl+T     Open memorized transaction list
Ctrl+W     Write new check
Ctrl (while opening)     Start QuickBooks without a company file

Exclusive QuickBooks Online Discounts

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QuickBooks Online New Features and Improvements – March 2017

Welcome to the monthly features and improvements article for QuickBooks® Online (QBO).
New Enhancements Streamline the Reconciliation Process
Reconciliation has traditionally presented its own set of challenges. In the past, it was difficult to locate specific transactions and resolve any discrepancies with beginning balances. Now, in QBO, we’ve created a new Reconcile Table and Reconcile Flow tab designed to streamline and improve the reconciliation process.
If QBO detects variation between the beginning and ending balance, the new Reconcile flow generates an automatic alert [Read More…]